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Bauer purchases Celador, Lincs FM Group

(5th February 2019) Bauer Media Group, owners of Magic and Kiss FM UK have today bought out Celador (owners of The Breeze, Sam FM and Fire Radio) and Lincs FM Group (owners of Lincs FM, Ridings FM and Trax FM). This now brings Bauer's portfolio of radio stations officially to the north and South / South West of England. Some have already been transferred to another radio group, Nation Radio, to avoid getting in to trouble with regulator Ofcom regarding too many stations, owned by Bauer, in a given area. It's not clear what Bauer will do with them, however many suspect The Breeze may turn in to part of the Greatest Hits network of radio stations.

Greatest Hits Radio launches

(3rd January 2019) Greatest Hits Radio takes over from previous "City 2" radio stations. The radio stations previously used their heritage names, however Bauer has made the decision to move all those stations to a more uniform name...

Virgin Radio launch two new stations

(2nd January 2019) Virgin Radio have today launched two brand new radio stations to their network. Virgin's Chilled and Anthems have launched on DAB and online from this morning, and goes in direct competition with Bauer's Magic Chilled and Absolute Radio.